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Hello, I am Gloria, from the Italian province of Pavia, and I have been living in Zurich since 2010. I ended up becoming a professional photographer and editor partly by intent and partly by chance – which sounds like a paradox. Over the years, I was given the exciting opportunity to photograph and interview a number of diverse artists – from singers to actors to authors – that has helped me develop my portfolio and my abilities, without losing my personal touch as I navigated through the sparkly world of celebrities & entertainment. A world which requires more than just a good camera to bring out its shining light.

Professional photography for companies: communicating with visual impact

Gloria Bressan- products-events-brand -event- food photography

It’s not just about experience, it also takes a state-of-the-art equipment that meets the needs of business photography. I started to work for large international organizations as well as smaller start-ups seven years ago. Thanks to my professional equipment my photography delivers high impact visual effect.

My areas of expertise include food, still life and catalogue photography that need neutral backgrounds – like black or white. To do this, I have a number of portable backgrounds that can be assembled on site and in any location to create the right effect for any type of photo shoot, eliminating the need for a post-production studios and therefore optimizing timelines.

Professional photography for private use: delivering unique and natural imagery with spontaneity and elegance 

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Awards won for Food photography

International Food photography Awards

Interview by Nikon Magazine.de

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Are photographic experience and professional equipment enough for a memorable wedding day photo service or a family portrait? I do not believe so. A great photo is often the result of the human connection that the photographer is able to establish with the client and subject(s) of the shoot. By creating a relaxed atmosphere, I foster moments of personal spontaneity and more dynamic, natural poses to deliver your unique photographic memories. Photos must bring out who you are and your emotions at a specific point in time, capturing unique life moments, which cannot be captured with static and “forced” posing.

About still life, food photography

and products photography:

The skills and experience must be really high to manage the photographic technique (the reflections on bottles or jars that don’t show the content or the same variant of the colors) but it isn’t enough: The fantasy of looking for the wow effect to impress with the image the customer looking at the photo is crucial.

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My Cameras:

  • Nikon D850- Nikon D800- Nikon D750
  • Objectives Nikon : 20mm/f1.8  40mm/f.2.8  50mm/f1.4  24-70mm/f.2.8 105 mm/ F.2.8   70-200mm/f.2.8
  • Flash: 2 Nikon Speed light SB700

My Pictures on NASDAQ Screen in New York for Mondelez International