Product photographer

Product photographer: the right choice for your business!

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photoshooting for Pastore vini

Show effective and professional photo products to improve your business.

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It is important to take simple and quality photos for your gallery and online store. Both in my small studio and directly in your company.

Wow effect !

In order to have new customers, you need a strong, emotional image with a “wow effect” but also simple gallery photos. Use my experience and imagination for your success!

We are a team work!

photo test*

We can go through your website together and decide which photo is appropriate for the home page (must match the style and artistry). An intricate photo, taken in the studio with professional lighting and great charisma, attracts the curiosity of customers. Visitors to your website understand the quality of your products and services from your website’s graphic style (layout) and professional photos. You produce the quality and exclusivity of your products, I produce the images that deserve this quality.

My skills

photoshooting for Bottega
photo test*

Products for photoshooting

• Products Pictures for cosmetics

photoshooting for Nesti

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Products with different packgaging

Shoes and fashion accessories but without a model. I can take close-up pictures with a model at an external location.

Product photos for image and advertising purposes

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Images for online shops and e-commerce sites

• Images for jewelry product catalogue. However, it should be noted that photographing shiny products is a difficult task. it takes a long time to photograph the reflections and the cost is higher.

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link 360 degrees ring

The work of a product photographer includes not only experiences, but also equipment, professional lights, backgrounds and props (e.g. cosmetic photography or jewelry).
I can take a 360° photo, but with a 360° product photo the effort is higher and this is reflected in the prices. A 360-frame image is built with many photographic snapshots: more than 50 if the object is very small (like a ring). photo test*

Wine, liquor, drinks

you can find some drinks pictures on food photography page

photo test*


Packshots on request depending on the difficulty of the product photography

My photographic equipment:

Reflex Nikon:




Lens Nikon

20mm F. 1.4

40mm F 2.8

50 mm f 1.4

24/70 mm F. 2.8

105 mm macro F 2.8

70/200 mm f 2.8


2 nikon speedlight

Professional studio light and box

3 Helinchrome  500  –

2 box foldio ( cm 40×40 /60×60)

2 box neewer (cm 60×60/ 140×140)

* photo test only made in my studio: this picture isn’t official made for this brand