Weddings-Events in Zurich aerea and Switzerland as well.

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The beauty of a photo is the spontaneity that leaves a memory. My photoshoots are a mix of posed photos and spontaneous photos but I certainly love capturing the gazes and hugs of the spouses by stealing a private moment … but that they will remember over time precisely because it is not the pose that the photographer suggested but their own authentic gesture of which only they know the meaning.

My slogan ? “Enjoy your party guys, I’ll take care of you!”

remember that the photos that will remind you a moment are not the ones to put on instagram and have many likes. will not be the photos of the newlyweds hand in hand watching the sunset in a spectacular landscape. They will be photos, anonymous for others, but very important for you because you steal while you have not noticed. Your memories are the beauty of simplicity and not the technically perfect photo or with the “wow effect”. A mix of all these genres is important to have a complete reportage of your most beautiful day.

I love the suggestion of black and white. But also the atmospheres with warm and natural colors. about portrait you can find some sample here or on

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Family Photoshooting

The birth of a new family is a crucial moment in life. Pregnancy is an intimate moment that must remain so and be photographed with empathy and sensitivity. The result of the photos must show that magical and unique moment especially because, at the birth of the baby, there will be other photos to do of small hands that shake the big hands of parents. I recommend to take photos of newborns immediately ,if you have posssibility in the hospital ( there are always photographers available who propose a short photoshooting with delivery of a photo to the hospital the day after delivery)and after 3 months, when the children recognize with their eyes the parents and catch- while they feed or are dressed) all the dedication and love they feel for mom and dad.